Basis for Marston’s theory of loads on buried pipe.


muhStatic: Static calculations of pipes

We provide solution for static calculation of buried pipes based on ATV DVWK-A127 standard. Our software complies with all requirements of the ATV A127 standard. We provide Turkish, English, German and Arabic solutions for your needs.

We also will provide pipe profile optimization assistance to our client who purchased the software. Profile cross-section values (e.g. moment of inertia, resistance moment) are calculated and stored into the profile library of the software.

Support After Sale

During the 2 years after the sale, new versions of the software will be given to the customer free of charge. Software related support is provided by e-mail during working hours.


simge Company-specific profile can be defined.
simge Strength calculations of plastic pipes are made.
simge Special profile design can be made.
simge Calculates in accordance with German standards.
simge Calculates according to American standard optionally.

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Atv dvwk compatible software.
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